I have been going to Chris’s gym at TAS for some years and have found his circuit helps to build and maintain core strength, maintain flexibility and control weight.  If I do nothing else physical but go to the gym once or twice a week I feel like I have accomplished something!  PS

I enjoy the casual friendly atmosphere of the circuit classes.  I have gained greater strength, flexibility and overall fitness.  FW

I decided to start Personal Training with Chris because I realised that if I left my strength exercises up to myself it would continually cycle from effective to ineffective and that my inconsistent approach tended to lead towards injury.  I have enjoyed the consistency Chris provides, that he keeps me honest and the balance with stretching.  The benefits I have noticed are:  better body strength, consistency, less injury, better mental health, more energy and stamina, and I am more mindful of other areas of my health eg eating and hobbies.  I see Personal Training as an investment.  As I get older I realise that it has a positive effect on mental health and confidence.  MH

I attend the circuit classes due to the good equipment, there’s no pressure, I can go at my own pace and there are no penalties for missing the odd class.  I have benefited with maintenance of flexibility, improved upper leg strength, upper body strength has been maintained/improved.

I have been training with Chris since 2003 after a heart attack.  Chris has helped me regain my health.  I have enjoyed the care with which he takes in preparing my exercises and stretching.  RW

I decided to start Personal Training with Chris to improve my body strength for farm work. Chris is always willing to adjust the program to suit the circumstances (injuries).  I have noticed improved muscle definition, improved general strength and improved confidence in lifting things.  Chris helps me keep on track with my program and exercise.  CO

I come to the circuit classes because I enjoy getting fit and healthy.  I am feeling more energetic every day, my clothes feel a bit loose and I am slowly developing muscle definition.

I started attending the circuit class initially to impress a young man.  However I now really enjoy being a lot fitter, the atmosphere of the class, and the way Chris can help change the exercise to suit my situation (due to injury).  FD